At the Vienna University of Technology we provide specific local services and activities. Moreover, as a student organisation, educational issues are very important for us. We strive to give students the opportunity to discuss and improve their education by giving them a voice and involving all stakeholders of higher education. We are proud of our educational involvement on international level.

BEST Educational Involvement

BEST is involved in Thematic Networks (TNs) with which we have successful collaborations, e.g. TREESPUTNICVM-BASEEIE-Surveyor. Additionally, we are in touch with other organisations like SEFIIGIPFEANIIFEES and our members attend conferences related to educational issues in order to be updated to new teaching methods and their evolution.

BEST organises Events on Education, where the different stakeholders of higher education (students, local and international professors, experts, TNs and company representatives) have discussions on educational issues.

For professors, during the event it is possible to

  • network with the host university of the event, international academics, TN representatives and BEST
  • have active sharing sessions with students from all over Europe
  • receive students’ feedback about your work

After each Event on Education BEST prepares a report with the outcomes and sends it to the European Commission, our partners and the professors that have participated.

BEST Events for Complementary Education

The advantages of BEST Events for universities  are

  • Students developing themselves in a multicultural environment. They acquire complementary technical skills and improve their knowledge, communication, teamwork and tolerance.
  • Developing teaching methods: Teachers can test innovative teaching methods in a high cultural diversity.
  • Promotion and visibility for universities in the European academic network as  BEST is present in 91 universities of technology and is therefore increasing students’ mobility by organising BEST events.

BEST University Centre

This service is for students ready for mobility. BEST University Centre provides them with an overview of European university offers and increases the visibility of all European universities of technology where BEST is present. Besides, specific offers about education and research are updated regularly.