BEST Summer courses are here!

The semester has just begun and you still have no idea what you want to do in the summer. Why wouldn’t you apply for a summer course in July or even August somewhere in Europe?

Well, a two-week trip, apart from the cost of travel, and a fee of max. 45 EUR must be well prepared. But don’t worry, we take care about this part: a sleeping place, 3 good meals a day, interesting workshops on all imaginable topics, countless parties and everything what comes with that.

These courses for students of technical universities have a wide variety of subjects – from entrepreneurship, through the programming of computer games and food technology to architecture and rocket science.

Maybe you don’t want to travel far to get to know about the interesting topic?

BEST Vienna organizes at TU Wien a course on start-ups and entrepreneurship. This 10-day course brings Europe to you! 25 students from all over Europe come to Vienna and explore with you the world of start-ups, directly at the TU Vienna.

Apply HERE!