It happened, we had our first board seminar!

The semester has just begun and we already have a project behind us.

Joint Board Training (short JBT) took place two weeks ago in the beautiful Styrian hills and gathered the newly elected board members from 7 BEST groups.

It was a great experience and we thank BEST Budapest, BEST Bratislava, BEST Lodz, BEST Vesprem and BEST Brno for the participation.

Biggest thanks of course comes to BEST Graz, who were always there to help.


BEST Vienna searching for new people!

Board of European Students of Technology – BEST Vienna invites you to join info event on Tuesday, October 20th at 19pm, in Freihaus 7th floor Red area, Seminarraum 138B.
Make friends across the whole Europe, improve your skills, get complementary education, meet different cultures of European countries through seminars, meetings, engineering competitions, fairs.
Join rich BEST’s network of students from as many as 96 local groups in 33 countries in Europe!
Find out why BEST make you better.

The summer course 2015 is approaching!

“BEST Vienna Film Academy!” that’s the name of this year’s summer course, our main event which we organize every July.

It starts on the 2nd of July and lasts 11 days in which 22 students from all around Europe will come to Vienna to follow a program that includes academical and social activities.

The topic of this year’s course is video shooting-editing. Professor Faller from TU Wien will guide the students to discover the secrets behind a great movie, so that in the end they will be able to make their own short video.

On the other hand the social activities will focus on showing to the participants the city of Vienna and giving them a glimpse of Austrian culture. In fact the goal of the course is not just providing students with knowledge about the topic but also to encourage cultural exchange and friendship!

You can find more information about the Summer Course by visiting

Interested? If you want to take part in our summer course as a local participant, just write us a short motivation letter at with the subject [SC15][Local Participant] your_name_here. Deadline for applying is 20th of June, 23:00 CEST

beWANTED 2015

Since 2012, the career event beWANTED is more than just a career fair at the University of Vienna. In a personal conversation with representatives of top companies you have enough time to learn everything necessary for the entry into the professional world. Whether you are interested in an internship, part time job, thesis or full employment or you just want to find out more about potential employers – beWANTED is the perfect event for you at the TU Vienna. In addition you get from the company delegates professional feedback on your resume. And all that for free for students of TU Vienna!

For the fourth time BEST Vienna on 24 March 2015, the career event beWANTED at the TU Vienna. The venerable Prechtlsaal of the main building of the University of Vienna, two representatives each from the BEST partner companies interested students to answer questions.

Kapsch @beWANTED

BEST Training Days 2014S – Apply now!

The BEST Training Days are a two day soft skill lecture held in English at the Vienna University of Technology. This will take place from the 9th to 10th of May in Summer Semester 2014. Full information can be found on the BTD 2014S event page.

BTD is an official course at the Technical University of Vienna and is supervised by Dr. Ernst Karl Hauswirth. By attending all four trainings you can earn 1.5 ECTS. You can find the course on this TISS website.


If you want to improve your soft skills and experience a new way of learning, just apply for this event here!

Spring Courses – Last chance to apply!

Just in case you missed it, this spring we have some really awesome season courses prepared for you. We had them covered in the previous post, so go ahead and read all about it.

In case you didn’t apply yet, don’t worry, you still have time until tonight at 23:00 local time. And don’t worry about applying in the very last moment, we are quite used to it – actually more than half of the motivation letters arrive in the last couple of hours before the deadline. So go ahead, pick a course from this page and apply!

Spring Courses

And speaking about receiving applications, maybe you were wondering how can you write a motivation letter that would get you in? Well, for sure your motivation letter has to stand out. People reading your letter will read a few tens or hundreds other motivation letters, so think of a way to make yours unforgettable.

Think of the people who are reading it. They are students, just like you, so don’t start with “Dear Sir/Madam” (yes, we go get that sometimes 🙂 ). Try to make your letter fun for them. Be creative!

Make the letter personal, write about yourself and about why you want to apply to that specific course – is it related to what you study or what you like to do, is the topic a secret passion of yours? Or maybe you always wanted to visit the country or city the course takes place in.

You can read more tips on tricks on writing the letter on this page.

Good luck with your applications, folks!

Spring Courses – Only Two More Weeks to Apply

Imagine a world where courses are fun. I mean, sure, courses can sometimes be fun. What I meant is real fun! The wow-let’s-do-this-again or I-wish-this-never-ends kind of fun 🙂

What makes BEST Courses fun?

Spring Courses OK, I’ll explain. Firstly, they involve traveling. Traveling is fun, and you will be spending between one and two weeks in an awesome place with awesome people ;p

Then, they involve people from different cultures. You will be in the course together with between 20 and 30 students from all over Europe. It’s a nice chance to meet people from different places and, why not, make friends.

The topics are cool. We are doing our best to find topics which are interesting for students.

There is a full-time social activities program with the course! Organizers will have something prepared for you everyday. Activities such as visiting interesting places in and around the cities, getting to know the city by playing fun games (like a Treasure Hunt) or going hiking in the surroundings. Depending on the topic of the course, you might have company visits or more out-of-the-ordinary stuff such as a wine tasting 🙂

BEST and a cogwheel

There be parties! We know students love parties, you know it, everybody knows it. Organizers will try their best to make the event one to remember.

The best thing of them all? Everything is included in the small fee – around a few tens of euros. I know, it’s unbelievable, right?

Oh, I almost forgot. You can also get ECTS credits* for this. This might be fun if it saves you from struggling for that extra credit you need 🙂

OK, sounds good. Where can I go this spring?

The locations for this spring are:

  • Paris, France: Power Engineering
  • Paris, France: Electrical Engineering
  • Thessaloniki, Greece: Oil Industry
  • Kaunas, Lithuania: Stock Market
  • Graz, Austria: Energy Engineering
  • Bordeaux, France: Aeronautical Engineering
  • Paris, France: Economics/Business Administration/Marketing
  • Valencia, Spain: Materials Engineering
  • Moscow, Russia: Industrial Management
  • Grenoble, France: Fuel Cells and Batteries
  • Lyon, France: Computer Engineering
  • Delft, the Netherlands: Transport Engineering
  • Kiev, Ukraine: Computer Engineering
  • Belgrade, Serbia: Chemical Engineering / Oil Industry
  • Saint Petersburg, Russia: Industrial Management
  • Turin, Italy: Automation, Robotics
  • Novi Sad, Serbia: Nanotechnology
  • Zagreb, Croatia: Material Engineering
  • Milan, Italy: Smart Cities / Architectural Engineering

Go ahead and check the list of courses to find out more about each course. And don’t forget to apply.

There are only two weeks remaining! If you have any questions about the courses, don’t hesitate to contact us.

* usually you get between 1 and 2 credits; acceptance of the credits depends on the University and we cannot vouch for it