How to apply to a BEST Event


It’s so easy! Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Open an account on the BEST international website:
  2. Check out the list of season courses by going to the Events section here. If the applications are not open yet – don’t worry, check again in a few weeks. BEST almost never sleeps, so a list of courses will for sure be up soon!
  3. Choose up to three courses that you are most interested in, be it because of the topic, that city you’ve always wanted to visit, or – ideally- both! Watch out, sometimes the list is long (over 50 courses to chose from for summer season), so you might find yourself faced with a difficult decision
  4. Write motivation letters for the courses you want to apply to. You can find more information on how writing these under the section “How To Write a Motivation Letter”
  5. Prioritize your applications: this means if you get accepted to two courses, you will be assigned to participate in the one you prioritize highest
  6. Contact the Local BEST Group (LBG) in your university ( and ask them to validate your account. This goes very quickly if you can meet them to show your student ID and have a short conversation with them in English about the weather (to prove you have some knowledge of the language).
  7. Wait for the selection results.
  8. Do the victory dance when you have been selected to participate in one of the events you applied to! Don’t forget to confirm your attendance and pay the deposit to your LBG.
  9. Plan your trip, go there, have an awesome time with 20 other students from all over Europe and feel the BEST spirit!
  10. Return from the course, get your deposit back, then start dreaming about your next course. Get hooked on BEST. Join your LBG as a member and learn what it means to be a BESTie!