Our Activities at TU Vienna

BEST Vienna Summer Course

Every year we organise our academic BEST Vienna Summer Course together with a professor from the Vienna University of Technology for 22 students from all over Europe and further students from Vienna UT. On the other hand students from the Vienna UT are encouraged to apply for about 90 so-called Season Courses outside Vienna. These are academic courses like ours that take place in Europe throughout the whole year.

BEST Vienna Training Days

From Winter Term 2013 onwards BEST Vienna organises training days twice a year – as an official lecture at Vienna University of Technology. In this seminar students acquire soft-skills that haven’t been part in the university curriculum and which may help them in their future and even in their studies. The students will gain basic knowledge in several topics, e.g. communication, presentation and conflict solving. The trainers are also former students and have extensive international experience in delivering trainings.

BEST Engineering Competitions

The BEST Engineering Competition consists of two parts, Case Study and Team Design where the students compete against each other in teams of 4 to 6 members. In the Case Study they are faced with a theoretical problem which they need to solve, in Team Design they have to solve a practical task, mostly building a certain machine which has to perform predefined tasks. This Engineering Competition can be organised as a local event or as part of the European BEST Engineering Competition. In latter case the winners of the local round in Vienna will move on to participate at the regional competition and then to the European BEST Engineering Competition (EBEC) which is held in a different European city every year.

ATHENS Programme

BEST Vienna is a partner of the International Office of the Vienna University of Technology for the organisation of the ATHENS courses, a 1-week exchange session that takes place twice a year. BEST Vienna organises the social programme of the ATHENS courses in Vienna. For more information concerning ATHENS please check the TU Wien International Office or the ATHENS program’s site.