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Being a student organisation, educational issues are of highest importance to us. There are several ways in which BEST helps students improve their education. We strive to give students access to various forms of complementary education, while involving all stakeholders of higher education and bringing an international touch to their University experience. This is achieved by means of the various events and activities we have designed for the students of TU Wien.

BEST Educational Involvement

BEST organises Events on Education. These are designed for students to express their own ideas on educational matters, bringing the benefactors closer to their beneficiaries, so to speak.

BEST Symposium on Education

The Symposium on Education is an educational event where students take part in discussions. This is often done by an opening introductory plenary session followed by smaller discussion groups. The discussions involve students, as well as professors from technical universities across Europe and, in some cases, representatives from industries of interest. The outcomes of the discussion can be presented in front of the group, while the final report is used as input for future projects.

The Symposium is mainly run by the Educational Committee of BEST (EduCo) in cooperation with a local BEST group.

The topics vary. They can be proposed by EduCo or be related to Educational Projects, run by Thematic Networks connected to the European Commission where BEST is involved through EduCo.

The duration of such a Symposium is normally 5-6 days and involves 20-25 students, members of EduCo and representatives from EU educational projects, universities or from the industry.

The activities, besides the discussions, include social activities such as sightseeing, city rallies, company visits, cultural visits, trainings, international party and various night time activities.

BEST Events for Complementary Education

The BEST Season Events were the initial purpose the founders of BEST had in mind when they decided to create something that would give students the opportunity to travel, learn about topics more or less related to their studies while meeting the wonderful cultural and educational diversity of Europe.

25 years later and in a completely different European political climate, a BEST Event provides the students and teachers of 91 universities with great opportunities:

  • For students: the chance to develop themselves in a multicultural environment, to acquire complementary technical skills and improve their knowledge, communication, teamwork and cultural awareness – all of these while having fun!
  • For teachers: the chance to develop and test innovative teaching methods in a highly culturally diverse environment and to exchange ideas and methods
  • For universities: promotion and visibility in the European academic network, as BEST is present in 91 universities of technology

BEST Academics and Companies

A BACo forum is an event where students, academics and representatives from companies meet to discuss topics related to education. The goal is to bring together the three stakeholders in education for exchange of opinions, expectations and experience.

The participants are: 20-25 students from all over Europe, teachers from the host university as well as members from the thematic networks and companies that employ engineers and are directly interested in the educational process.

The topics are various, but all have a common point: the relation between students, companies and teachers.

BEST University Centre

BEST University Centre provides students with information about studying in the technical universities where BEST is present.

This service is especially designed to guide students ready for mobility and give them an overview of European university offers. It also increases the visibility of universities.

Specific offers about education and research are update regularly. Go ahead and have a look at the list of university profiles.

For further information, don’t hesitate to contact BEST Vienna or BEST International directly.