What we do for you

What is a BEST event like for students? Each BEST event is attended by 20-30 engineering students like you who have something in common: they want to live a unique experience, different from the day-to-day life of school!

What does BEST Vienna do for students? Our priority is to offer high quality services for students from TU Vienna and from all over Europe. Throughout the year, we organise local and international activities and events where students have the opportunity to increase their international experience, soft skills, improve their English and have fun at the same time. Using the concept of a “Student – Company – University” triangle, we strive to build services that bridge you, educational institutions and the employers.

We offer the following services to students of the Vienna University of Technology:

  • Exchange courses – between 90 Universities around Europe. Rock each season the BEST way!
  • Soft Skill Trainings – helpful life and career experience that you don’t find in normal everyday life at the university
  • Leisure Events – Motivation Weekends, Cultural Exchanges, JAMs and more. Party in Vienna & all over Europe!
  • Engineering Competitions: Measure your strengths at a practical and academic level
  • Career Events – for assisting you in taking the first steps into your career life.