EBEC: an international engineering competition

EBEC is the BEST Engineering Competition in Europe, conducted by students for students. Teams that are composed of 4 students from technology fields, regardless of the status of their degree, are challenged to solve the tasks that are provided by BEST in 3 different competition levels. The team which proves to be the most efficient, creative and successful at the end of competition finale is granted by “BEST Engineers of Europe” title.

EBEC is organized in a pyramidal structure, the EBEC Pyramid. The winning teams of the local rounds compete in regional rounds and those winners finally compete in the European Final Round:

  • Local Round of EBEC: Is the first round which includes students and organisers from all universities that take part in the project. All EBEC rounds are organised by Local BEST Groups (LBG). When it comes to EBEC 2015 edition, the project is expected to involve 90 Local BEST Groups in 31 European countries.

  • National/Regional EBEC Rounds: The winning teams of Local EBEC rounds in their universities are invited to the next stage: either a National or a Regional competition. In 2014 there were 15 National/Regional EBEC Rounds. Each year more than 600 participants prove their practical skills and to be qualified for the final event.

  • EBEC Final: Gathering the finalists that are confident in teamwork, creativity and innovative approach to problems in society or industry.

EBEC Vienna 2015

EBEC, the European BEST Engineering Competition, is an all-in-one event happening every year at Vienna University of Technology. It combines intelligence, skills, teamwork and fun!

Students are offered to participate in 2 categories: Team Design and Case Study.

Team Design: is a category which competitors can use their practical skills to design. Competitors need to build a functional device regarding a technical problem given in a limited amount of time and resources.

Case Study: is the category of analytic and economic skills. CS category is more conceptual competition which consists of solving a theoretical, technical or a managerial problem occurring in real life or industry. Participants develop hypothetical solutions with no actual construction of any device or assembling of some materials but using the given information.

In addition to EBEC, we organise several times a Mini Engineering Competition where students can have fun with a Team Design topic and catch a glimpse of Engineering Competitions in preparation for the main challenge. Follow us on Facebook when and where we will be!

What will be after:
The 2 winning teams of the Case Study and the Team Design will go to the regional round of EBEC Alpe-Adria, this edition in Ljubljana.
The winners of EBEC Alpe-Adria will then compete with teams from all over Europe at the final round in Belgrade.

Important information: 

  • Date: 3rd and 4th of December, 2015

  • Location: Freihaus, Vienna UT

  • Teams: The teams are consisting of 4 members. If you do not have a team, don’t worry, we will find you one!

  • Application Deadline: 30th of November 2015, 23:59 CET

  • Deposit: For participating a deposit of 10 EUR per person needs to be paid. The deposit will be returned, on the last day of the competition, if the person participated.

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