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22 amazing participants

Throughout the whole year, BEST organizes different activities

where students of participating universities get the chance to

complement their fields of study, discuss educational matters,

learn and take their first steps into a worldwide career, increase

their international experience, set up contacts, improve their English level and most importantly have fun. Each of our courses is uniting 20-30 engineering and technology students who have something in common: they want to live a unique experience, different from day-to-day school life and are eager to learn new topics! During these days, students will have the opportunity to:

  • Complement their knowledge in various fields of study

  • Visit companies, industrial plants and research centres

  • Take part in case studies and experiments

  • Follow interesting classes covering many different technological fields

In these events, participants attend lectures given by our university's teaching staff or by experts from companies. At the end of the course students take an exam, which is designed to evaluate the participants' success.


A BEST Course on Technology aims at increasing and widening the professional knowledge of the participant in a certain field of technology about modern technical applications of technology and the latest research achievements.

What is a BEST course?

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2023 edition:

The Last AI-rbender

Do you dream of bending the elements like Avatar Aang? Or exploring the mysteries of the Fire Nation? What if we told you, you could do both? 

In our BEST Course this Summer in Vienna

Join us for 10 days packed full of fun adventures, where the power of the elements is in your hands. If you're new to the world of bending, don't worry - our knowledgeable guides will help you understand the beauty and complexity of this mythical universe. We will make sure that you’ll learn to love this enriching world soon enough! 

Take in our beautiful city, with our astounding 19th century buildings and mouth watering food. All while meeting like-minded individuals from all over Europe and expanding your knowledge through an enthusiastically led course. 

If you’re currently asking yourself questions like: “Where are these technological advances taking us?”, “Are they dangerous?”, or “Can they be beneficial to us?”, then come to us, because we’ve got answers for you! 

Don’t be scared and join us, Vienna is wAIting for you!


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Survival Guide

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