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What we can offer


Through a partnership with BEST Vienna, companies have the opportunity to interact with highly motivated and internationally minded students at the Vienna University of Technology. In addition, BEST courses in Vienna attract top international technical students from across Europe, many of whom are interested in living and working in Vienna in the future.


BEST Vienna provides three main services to our corporate partners:

  • beWANTED – this day-long event links students looking to improve their CV and interview skills with employers interested in hiring interns. BEST Vienna provides the venue and students, allowing companies to drop in and begin meeting students in a 25-minute interview format.

  • Engineering Competitions – your company can be a part of this practical competition, in which students race to solve open-ended design and consulting problems under time and resource constraints. As partners, companies are invited to judge the competition, award prizes to winning teams and review the CV of competitors.

  • Annual Partnerships – be a part of our organization’s ongoing events and services. This partnership gives the opportunity to present your company at our BEST courses in front of an international student audience, as well as at all our internal events through the academic year. This exposure can be in the form of a presentation, a tour of your corporate facilities or even direct integration into the topic of a course or engineering competition.


All partners are also featured in our newsletters, on our website and social media presence.


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