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BEST Courses

G2K BEST Party

If you missed traveling, exploring new cities, meeting wonderful people from all around the world and having lots of fun with them, this is your chance!

Each of our courses is uniting 20-30 engineering and technology students who have something in common: they want to live a unique experience, different from day-to-day school life and are eager to learn new topics!

In these events, participants attend lectures given by our university's teaching staff or by experts from companies. At the end of the course students take an exam, which is designed to evaluate the participants' success.


A BEST Course on Technology aims at increasing and broadening the professional knowledge of the participant in a certain field of technology and the latest research achievements.

To find more information and to take part in BEST Courses have a look at the website:

List of BEST Courses. (click me)

Want to get to know us better? Come by our opening party in the HTU Großraum, where you'll have the chance to chat with us and gain insight into our culture.

Snacks and drinks are free, and cool people as well as an excellent atmosphere are guaranteed!

20:00 HTU Großraum
All over Europe

Regional Meeting in Vienna

If you want to spend an awesome weekend with us in autumn, get some soft skill trainings, have fun during parties, and meet a lot of new people you can still apply for and help out at our regional meeting!

At the Regional Meeting, you'll have the opportunity to engage with the international side of BEST and meet people from our region over a 3-day event. The delegates from BEST Vienna as well as delegates from the rest of the local BEST groups in the region (Bratislava, Cluj-Napoca, Erlangen, Graz, Iasi, Ljubljana, Maribor, Novi Sad, Rome and Vienna) will meet in Lower Austria.


As part of the delegation, you will have the chance to talk about important BEST-related topics and participate in various workshops, discussion panels and joint activities.


BEST Training Day

We offer fun workshops in the form of a training day for students to broaden their horitzons and learn new soft and hard skills. These take place regularily once a semester.

The next one will take place in December, topic and exact dates will be posted as soon as possible!


You can also find us at:

TU Welcome Day

6.10.2022 - Freihaus, TU Wien


16.11.2022 - Freihaus, TU Wien

Exchange Study Fair

18.11.2022 - Campus Gußhaus, TU Wien

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