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1. How can I participate in BEST Vienna?

Just join us during our Weekly Meetings (on Wednesday, 18:30), show your motivation and tell us what you are looking for. These are the first steps to become a BESTie.

What BEST offers you can be found here.

2. Where do I find your office?

HTU Großraum, Karlsplatz 13, Hof 1, Stiege 4, ground floor, 1040 Vienna. Go through the room and in the left corner you will find a sign that says BEST.

3. How do I validate my BEST account?

The easiest way is to come to our Office Hours on Wednesday between 18:00-18:30 with your valid student ID. Then we will have a small conversation in English and a minute later your account is validated.

Please consider: We can just validate your BEST account after you created one. So create one and then come to us (and don't forget to apply for a Course).

Don't be afraid, the validation deadline is usually a bit longer than the application deadline.

4. Is it possible to validate my account although I cannot come to your office?

Yes, in exceptional cases when it's really not possible for you to come!

Although we would like to meet you in person, you can also send an email to with a copy of your student's confirmation [Studienbestätigung] or a picture of your valid student ID [Studienausweis] and proof of your English level (Cambridge Certificate, Graduation Certificate [Maturazeugnis] etc.). Then we will validate your BEST account.

5. I have no idea about Motivation Letters. What should I write?

You can find guidelines to write your unique Motivation Letter here.

You can find some examples of successful Motivation Letters here.

6. How many people applied for the BEST Course I am looking for?

You can check the application statistics here.

7. I have so many questions about BEST Courses. Where do I find more information?

We would recommend to visit us during our Office Hours (on Wednesday between 18:00-18:30) and talk to us in person about all your questions. Other than that you can find a lot of questions answered here.

8. When is the next application period for BEST Courses?

You can write an email to and we will tell you the deadline for the next seasons.

9. I have a question about a BEST Course abroad or another Local BEST Group. How do I contact them?

You can contact them via email, it's always [city], just like

You can also find a list of all Local BEST Groups here. Look for the one you want to contact and you will find their contact information, address, university and homepage.

10. Do I have to pay anything if I become a member?

No, we don't have any membership fees, participation is for free and voluntary.

11. I need something but I cannot come to your Office Hours. What should I do?

No worries, we will find a solution. Usually, there are always some members in/near our Office. We suggest writing an email to Explain to us what you need and when you would have time to meet us and we will find a date. Problem solved.

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