Welcome – News

  • Wingardium Leviosa!

    The first goodies for the participating wizards and witches of our magical Summer Course ‘Fantastic Flows and how to simulate them’ just arrived! Many thanks to our generous sponsor Elbenwald! Feeling jealous and want to have some of those fantastic goodies too? Just have a look and get yours! https://www.elbenwald.de/Harry-Potter/?utm_source=Fantastic+Flows

  • Yesterday we had our General Assembly

    Yesterday, our General Assembly was held for the first time with the newly elected Board: The Kangaroos. It seems that the signs point to a very good year.

  • It happened, we had our first board seminar!

    The semester has just begun and we already have a project behind us. Joint Board Training (short JBT) took place two weeks ago in the beautiful Styrian hills and gathered the newly elected board members from 7 BEST groups. It was a great experience and we thank BEST Budapest, BEST Bratislava, BEST Lodz, BEST Vesprem … continue reading

  • Join BEST Vienna summer course and discover the world of Startups!

    If you are a student in Vienna we have something: a chance to join the BEST Vienna summer course “Let’s start-up the world!” Here are the hard facts: Duration of the course: 07.July – 17.July Price of the course: 40 EUR (included: 3 meals per day, coffee breaks, all the materials for the course; not included: transportation, … continue reading

  • BEST Summer courses are here!

    The semester has just begun and you still have no idea what you want to do in the summer. Why wouldn’t you apply for a summer course in July or even August somewhere in Europe? Well, a two-week trip, apart from the cost of travel, and a fee of max. 45 EUR must be well prepared. But don’t worry, we … continue reading