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beDrUnK 2024




WHEN: 06. June - 09. June 2024

Ahoy, maties! BEST Vienna, fair maiden of a LBG, be celebratin' her birthday once more! We be gatherin' all the scallywags of BEST Vienna and those landlubbers from other BEST groups across Europe for a four-day plunderfest in Vienna! There'll be parties aplenty and enough grog to fill the bilge of a galleon. This year's theme be "Drunken Sailor," so prepare to swab the decks and hoist the grog high! Arrr!



DAY 1: Spritzerstand
Theme: Under the Sea

Indulge in Drunken Delights & Refreshing Sips that'll tantalize your taste buds and set your spirits afloat!


DAY 2: Tramparty
Theme: Rock the Boat

All aboard for a Party on the Rails like no other! Get ready to revel and rock the tram with your fellow merry-makers!

DAY 3: Pride Preparation and Pride Afterparty

Theme: Join the Navy
Join the Drunken Sailor's Soirée, where we'll strut our stuff and celebrate our seafaring spirit in style!

Theme: Sailor's Sizzle & Spirits

Embark on a Drunken BBQ Adventure that'll have you savoring the flavors of the high seas while raising a toast to friendship and good cheer!

Avast, ye landlubber! Fair winds and following seas! Until we meet again, may your treasures be plenty and your grog be strong!

BEST Vienna

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