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22 amazing participants

BEST COURSE 2022 of BEST Vienna

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Season 2022                                          

Do you want to run with the horses in the Wild West? Or would you rather befriend a groundbreaking AI robot? What if we told you, you could do both? 


In our BEST course of this summer in Vienna! 


Join us for a Westworld themed 9 days jam packed full of fun adventures. Do you have no idea what Westworld is and feel confused about the combination of cowboys and AI? Not to worry, we will make sure that you’ll learn to love this bizarre, enriching world soon enough!


Take in our beautiful city, with our astounding 19th century buildings and mouth watering food. All while meeting like-minded individuals from all over Europe and expanding your knowledge through an enthusiastically led course.


If you’re currently asking yourself questions like: “Where are these technological advances taking us?”, “Are they dangerous?”, “Or can they be beneficial to us?”, then come to us, because we’ve got answers for you!


Don’t be scared, and join us in opening Pandora’s box of artificial intelligence!


Survival Guide

(please consider that this Survival Guide will be constantly updated. Check it frequently for the latest news)

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