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Amazing deals! BEST prices! Top quality guaranteed!

brought to you by your suPReme Team.

Hey, you!

Do you like your coffee black?

And what about your Fridays?

Well, today is your lucky day! For the first time ever, we are presenting to you:

* BEST Vienna’s own Black Friday *

Mind-blowing deals, waiting just for you on our shelves! And you don’t have to sell your soul to the devil to get the BEST offers, but you need to be fast! Many deals are already sold out, only the fastest ones reading this will be able to get their hands on some of the remaining offers…

Welcome back party - SOLD OUT


Offer includes: pub quiz, drinks, snacks, music and fun

Do you like pub quizzes? Are you an ABBA fan? Did you see “Mamma Mia” more than once? Does your mouth water when mentioning tzatziki? How about ouzo and metaxa cocktails? If you answered yes to (at least a half of) these questions, our Welcome-back-party “Mamma Mia here we go again” is exactly what you’re looking for!

We’re waiting for you to impress us with your knowledge and those crazy dance skills…

This pub quiz offer is sold out, but worry not - a few others are still on stock!

Special deal: Buy a pub quiz for your LBG now and get a surprise package for free!

Local Board Training (LBT) - SOLD OUT


Offer includes: X number of boardies, Y number of former boardies (aka the Mothers), Z number of trainers, flipcharts, post-its, markers, (delayed) meals, learning, sharing and fun!

The beginning of your mandate. A weekend in Slovakia. You and your board kicking off the strategic planning. Learning useful soft skills. Discovering team dynamics. Getting to know each other better. Being hungry because 2 out of 3 cooks got stuck on the Hungarian border without a passport. Sounds like your type of an adventure? Send us your application over our personal pigeon, it will know the address.

Offer out of stock.

Thinking about becoming a boardie? You will need an LBT! Keep your eyes open, lighting deals for the new LBT edition could come at any point!

Get 2 Know BEST Party - SOLD OUT


Offer includes: 8 tables, drinks & snacks, crash course on BEST

Do you like travelling? Let us take you to a place in the magical land of European students of technology - BEST Vienna. Discover the local culture, learn about the structure, try different food and drinks, listen to mesmerising stories from the locals, and gather tips & tricks on which events to visit.

Missed your chance to get to know BEST? I don’t think so…

Learn more by visiting our stands on different fairs, following our social media accounts, joining our upcoming events or applying to become a member.

Joint Board Training (JBT) - SOLD OUT


Offer includes: many boardies, some trainers, sharing, learning, improving!

88 Local BEST Groups. 88 Local Boards. 88 working methods. 88 traditions. 88 plans and strategies. 88+ amazing stories. If only there was a way to learn more about at least some of them…

We have a solution for you! Introducing the offer “99 problems, but sharing isn’t one”. Join a Joint Board Training and meet, share and discuss with the boards from LBGs in your area. This season’s online dream team: Erlangen, Aachen and Vienna.

This offer is renewed annually. Stay alert! Don’t miss out on the next edition - take your chance to steal some mascots and even more good ideas!

HalloWien Cantus - SOLD OUT


Offer includes: songbooks, singing, beer, wine, spooky creatures & secrets

Ghosts and witches and creatures of fright,

Don’t miss the call of Halloween night.

Come exactly forty minutes after seven, And you’ll find a way to the singing heaven.

We’ll give you a songbook in spooky design,

You wear your costume and show up on time!

Come if you dare

To our Halloween scare!

The Halloween edition of Cantus* is sold out, but we have good news! You can purchase this mysterious event in any theme you wish at any time you choose for just 3 BEST coins! But remember… the first rule of Cantus is: You do not talk about Cantus!

Lighting deal: If you buy a Cantus right away, you get a “Fight Club” DVD for free!

*If you don’t know what a Cantus is, make sure to come to the next one and find out!

autumn Regional Meeting (aRM) - SOLD OUT


Offer includes: worms, holes, alpacas, time-travelling, cooking, cleaning, little sleep, discussions, sharing, trainings, bonding, fun

A special portal suddenly appears in your room. You’re suspicious, but your curiosity decides to kill the cat today. You come closer to the portal and see an alpaca in it. You get a sudden urge to pet it. You reach out to touch it and - BAM - the portal pulls you in. Suddenly, you’re in Vienna. You find out that you had the honour to become an agent in charge of finding out the secrets of Region A, a so-called delegate. You don’t see an option out, so you accept the offer. And then the real travelling begins - you visit different countries and eras, bodies and services of BEST and last, but definitely not the least - many people’s hearts. You start wishing the portal that brought you here doesn’t take you back so soon…

Sad you missed the deal? Our time-travellers left us a very special gift….

Call now and secure yourself a ride in the time machine taking you back to the woRMhole.

Wish to buy a time machine? Or you already have one that you aren’t using?

We are buying and selling time machines - old and new, black-white and in colour, any size, shape and mileage, there’s a place for all of them in our shop!



Offer includes: exploring gems of Vienna, meeting new people, fun

Advanced Technology Higher Education Network (ATHENS) is coming back to Vienna!

Participants of this programme will engage in a set of different challenges: picking their favourite Vienna museum, finding their way out of the Bermuda triangle intact, finding the appropriate attire for their trip back to the musical past in the Opera, leaving Prater amusement park without feeling nauseous from all the spinnings, and the hardest one of them all - exploring the city and trying not to fall crazily in love with it.

You think you have all it takes to come out of this challenge as a winner?

Solve the entrance challenge - find our office in the labyrinth of Freihaus!

Wish you were faster to get this deal? Another edition of ATHENS is coming in spring, make sure to regularly follow our deals! Now also available at

BEST Training Day (BTD) - SOLD OUT


Offer includes: learning, improvement, a trainer, lots of fun

You wish to explore different arts of communication? You have trouble giving or receiving feedback? We’ve got you covered! Join our soft skill training on the topic of communication and feedback, and start working on a better version of yourself today!

You wish to keep improving?

New soft skill training sessions might be waiting just around the corner!

Local General Assembly (LGA)


Offer includes: discussions, votings, speeches & an after-party

The Council of Full Members meets again. Their tasks aren’t easy - the welfare of the group must be evaluated, important matters must be discussed and decided upon, and there is always one or the other thing that needs to be talked about!

Are you a member of the Council? Or do you just wish to observe the session? Either way, reserve your seat now!

Accepted payment methods: food.

* Special Christmas Offers *

Christmas Party


Offer includes: Secret Santa, singing & dancing, lots of Christmas spirit

Ho, ho, ho dear BESTies! I hope this offer finds you in the best of health and BEST spirit! I have heard your board is preparing something special for you, and you deserved it as you were very good BESTies this year…

As for your old Santa, I might be joining if my old bones allow me to dance with you youngsters, so I would appreciate you bringing some cookies and milk for me just in case. But with or without me, there will be presents - so make sure you draw your name and make our dear Hanna happy!

Big Christmas surprise: This offer is completely for free!

- Super special offers -

BEST Courses in Spring

24.3. - 22.5.

Application deadline: 27.11.

The clock is ticking, but there are still two days left to apply and experience a magical week in Brussels, Paris, Grenoble, Bordeaux, Valencia, Lyon, Torino, Mostar or Athens. Explore an academic topic of your interest, meet a different culture, make new friends and create unforgettable memories! Can you already feel the taste of the adventure?

Hurry up and apply


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